Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Core Courses
ANTH 5396History of Anthropological Theory3
ANTH 8001Mobility and Global Inequality3
ANTH 8002Evolution, Human Environments, and the Culture Niche3
ANTH 8012Ethical Considerations in Anthropology Research3
ANTH 8330Funding and Grant Writing in Anthropology3
Methods Course
Select one from the following:3
ANTH 5006
Quantitative Analysis of Anthropological Data
ANTH 5170
Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 5189
Field Session in Archaeology
ANTH 5389
Fieldwork in Ethnography
ANTH 5444
Anthropological Problems in Visual Production
ANTH 5458
Anthropology of Public Culture
ANTH 5504
Language as Social Action
ANTH 5509
Language Socialization and Cultural Reproduction
ANTH 5510
Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 5770
Methods in Physical Anthropology
ANTH 8011
Teaching of Anthropology
Electives 112
Total Credit Hours30

Culminating Event:
Comprehensive Examination:
At the end of the fourth academic term, students in the M.A. in Anthropology program take a comprehensive exam. This exam assesses the integrated knowledge gained in the five core courses. A committee of faculty who teach the five courses write the exam, and all members of a cohort take the same exam. There is no thesis option for this terminal master's program.