Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 30

Required Courses:

Core Courses
EDUC 5101Critical Understanding of Social Science Research3
HIED 5101Introduction to Higher Education3
HIED 5102Administration of Higher Education3
HIED 5103Access and Equity in Higher Education3
HIED 5104College Students and Development Theory3
Focused Electives9
Select three from the following: 1
AOD 5535
Organizational Assessment, Design and Strategy
CPSY 5698
Fundamental Counseling Techniques
EDUC 5010
Special Topics in Education 2
EDUC 5325
Introduction to Statistics and Research
EDUC 8232
Technology, Teaching, and Learning
EPSY 5501
ILT: Multimedia Learning
HIED 5201
Diversity Issues in Higher Education
HIED 5202
The Costs of College
HIED 5203
Getting into College: Strategic Enrollment Management
HIED 5301
Planning and Assessment in Higher Education
HIED 5401
Student Affairs in Higher Education
HIED 5502
Digital Education Leadership
HIED 5801
Gender Issues in Education
HIED 5802
Leadership in Higher Education
HIED 5803
Law and Policy in Higher Education
HIED 5804
The Community College
URBE 5417
The Urban Environment
URBE 5516
School-Community Partnerships in Urban Settings
General Elective 33
Capstone Course
HIED 9995Master's Capstone in Higher Education3
Total Credit Hours30

Culminating Events:
Capstone Course:
Students complete HIED 9995 Master's Capstone in Higher Education as their culminating event.