Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 32

Required Courses:

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
PSY 5003Advanced Statistics3
PSY 5791Master's Directed Research I3
 Term Credit Hours6
PSY 5104Ethics and Ethical Conflicts in Psychological Science3
PSY 5891Master's Directed Research II3
 Term Credit Hours6
Year 2
PSY 8015Teaching of Psychology1
PSY 8016Professional Development Seminar2
PSY 9991Research4
8000-level Statistics or Methodology course3
 Term Credit Hours10
PSY 9991Research4
8000-level Topical Seminar3
 Term Credit Hours10
 Total Credit Hours: 32

Other: M.S. students are exposed to a broad range of current research by attending the department’s Colloquium and TILES lecture series to hear talks by distinguished researchers from other universities. They are also required to participate in lab meetings and journal clubs, and to attend regular advising meetings to select and apply to appropriate doctoral programs. Students who postpone application to doctoral programs receive guidance for a master’s level job search and applications.

Culminating Event:
Master's Project:
A four-course sequence of directed research immerses the student in carefully planned and executed research, culminating in a publishable paper. Throughout the sequence, students are expected to participate in and contribute to the advisor’s program of research. Activities include data analyses, literature reviews, programming experiments, and/or recruitment. During the first term, students work with their advisors to develop a research proposal and analysis plan for the master’s project; a protocol is submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval. Students become familiar with the methods, measures, and apparatus in the advisor’s lab. During the second term, students begin data collection for the master’s project and start work on a comprehensive literature review. The third term focuses on continued data collection, preliminary analyses, completion of the literature review, and a possible poster submission. During the fourth term, data collection, cleaning, and analyses are completed, and the results are written up in an APA manuscript.

All students complete the master’s project and submit their research for publication and/or presentation at a conference. Students who do not complete the final project requirement by the end of the Spring term of Year 2 may register for additional research credits in the Summer term and submit their master's project no later than July 15 to be eligible for August graduation.